Friday, April 25, 2008


Whoohoo! My Alaskan kid is home, and tucked in a Styrofoam box in his big canvas bag was a couple of packages of freshly caught and frozen halibut! Brain food! Fresh caught Alaskan halibut is probably my favorite food in the world, and we have some in our freezer. It doesn't get any better than that. Well, yes it does. Having our son home for a few days is the best.

Chris just went out for a run to try to work out the kinks in his back. Five hours from Anchorage to Minnesota, sitting crunched in the middle seat of the space limited airplane, in enough to cramp up the most limber body. Hope the futon in the spare room didn't cause him any pains.

When he returns we will run in to see my mom, Chris' grandmother, who has been waiting patiently for three years for him to come back home to see her. She's never been to Alaska, so his lifestyle is not familiar to her, and she's interested to hear the stuff legends are made of. Then we are invited down to Kari's place for supper tonight. It sounds like her kids are really excited to see their uncle Chris. Adam, one of the grandsons we took to Alaska with us two summers ago, is probably having a hard time sitting through his classes in school today! He is bound and determined to move up there himself.

I'm sure the next few days will go by quickly and all too soon it will be time to say good-bye to Chris. But you'd better believe that he's not going anywhere until he cooks me that mouth watering treat waiting in the freezer!


Linda B. said...

Have a wonderful time with Chris! You deserve a happy heart!

Mom in MN said...

You're going to let him use the stove? Oh that's right...he's not 8anymore, is he? What a fun, adventurous life he leads -- no wonder Adam wants to join him!

Mom in MN said...

8 anymore (typo correction) :-)

Paula said...

Enjoy your time with your son!
Alaskan halibut is delicious. How thoughtful of him to bring you some.

Linda up north said...

How great! I hope you have a fantastic visit!