Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Our son, Chris, left this morning to return to his home in Alaska. It was hard to let him go after only having him home for a few days, but the call of the wild is strong in him. I do not envy him the flights he had today, though. He was flying from Minneapolis to Los Angeles to Anchorage! A bit out of the way, don't you think? I once went from Minneapolis to Houston to Anchorage and thought that weird too. We hope we'll be able to go up to visit this summer.

The happy news is that we THINK the RV has sold. Our friend/dealer said she thought it was for sure sold, and for that we would be extremely thankful. We should know tomorrow. If it's sold, we are purchasing a small camper, big enough for the two of us and that's about all. We probably won't get in many trips in the near future, and this little trailer will be just fine for what we'll be able to do. There is no more full time RVing planned, so we sure don't need the big 35 foot 5th wheel anymore.


Lisa J said...

Let me know if you regret the downgrade. We would love to get a trailer and travel, but now with the price of gas, I doubt that we will ever do it. We will probably just take the car and drive to our destination and stay at a hotel or lodge. (or family or blogger friends, or anyone else we can bum a bed from!) I have my list of places to go!!!!

Sage said...

Lisa, we were fortunate to travel for 20 months, and we loved every second of it as we traveled from Alaska to Florida, and from New Foundland to California. We only gave it up because of my mother's health (and now the gas prices would have come into play also.) Hopefully we'll still be able to do some traveling and I'll be able to post some of our adventures. You never know, maybe we'll end up parked in your driveway sometime!


Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak said...

I can see how you are feeling sad and yet relieved. The wonderful thing about the RV lifestyle is its flexibility. You can be full-time or part-time. You can travel in a big RV or a small one. We're all RVers. Just because someone makes a decision to full-time RV doesn't mean that you can never make a new decision about what works.

Best wishes in your new chapter and in dealing with your mom.

Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak