Monday, April 28, 2008


Kari posted pictures of the shower for my granddaughter Katie that was held at our place. Isn't Katie going to be a beautiful bride? I have a picture of her and her two sisters, Kjirsten and Anna that I think is pretty cute. This one is of the toilet paper bride contest winner. Kjirsten's team made this flowing TP gown for her, which would be lovely as long as it didn't rain or snow, but since we keep having those kinds of showers too, I think Katie should stick with her original wedding dress that she purchased. Besides, she looks so lovely in it.

The halibut from Chris' luggage was in my freezer for one day before it found its way to my belly! Boy, was it ever good! And tomorrow night Chris is cooking again. This time it's a couple of Thai dishes which he is making for us and for his sweetie Amy's parents, Tom and Margaret, who are coming down from the cities to have dinner with us. But first we need to make a grocery run. My mom and sister need some things too so we'll stop and pick them up and make it a three generation family affair shopping trip.


Memaw's memories said...

I think the tp dresses are a hoot. I'm wondering when they are going to catch on for those folks in My Big Redneck Wedding.

Lisa J said...

Good morning, I found your post through memaw's memories (whom I love very much!). I have read only a half dozen of your postings and think you will have a new regular reader. I have just retired and moved with my husband back to my old hometown. It has been a blessing to come home to family while they are still able, still of sound mind, and still here to be around! All my family lives here except for my own kids. I have always wanted to get a travel trailer and hit the road, my big roadblock now, I have three boxer dogs that are the loves of my life and I just can't see us driving all over the U.S. with them in the trailer. When you have some time, come over and meet my crazy life, I have retired from 21 1/2 (!) years of police work and teaching and my husband retired with 32 years from the fire department. We would love to meet you and hear your stories!