Thursday, April 17, 2008


It seems that a friend always shows up when you need one. God knows when we're needing a friend to lean on or to share with, laugh with or cry with, and I think He moves them to us, sometimes by having their paths cross ours, or sometimes by just a phone call or an email.

God pointed two friends in my direction today and I thank Him and praise Him! It was another full day at my mom's old apartment, sorting, packing and moving things to the new apartment. And at the new place we unpacked and tried to put into place some of her treasures so she would feel less confusion about this whole ordeal. There were a multitude of questions today. Why? Where? What? How? When? Who? Over and over. I feel so bad for my mom. She was always such a strong woman, always so involved in activities. She wanted to much to help do things, but she was fragile in body and mind today. She was anxious, nervous, confused, shaky, weepy, and bewildered. I wanted to protect her from all that is making her so confused. I gave more hugs and reassuring touches today than I ever have before, and it still didn't make her better. I wish I could do more. By the time I took her and my sister back to their old place and headed home I was pretty fragile myself.

When I got home I wanted to just sit and do nothing, not even think, for awhile. Then I checked my email, and found beautiful notes from two friends. Actually, one was from my daughter's friend who has also become my friend. This friend had lost her mother too soon, and she wrote about wishing I could have met her mom. I wish I could have met her, for the woman who gave birth to this incredible gal had to have been a very good person, one I would have called friend had I known her. Thank you for your email. You'll never know what it meant to receive it today.

The other was from a friend who became my friend the day she became my son's mother-in-law. She and her husband are wonderful people who love my son as their own, just as we love their daughter who is now our daughter-in-law. Her words were from someone who has dealt, and is still dealing, with an aging mother, her father, and also her mother-in-law. So she is further into the process, and can offer me words of wisdom from one who has been there. Her advice was welcomed and her offer of an ear to listen was appreciated even more. Thank you and I will be taking you up on your offer.

I thank you God for the gift of friends.


Linda up north said...

It is now Saturday evening and I have been thinking of and praying for you today. I hope everything went smoothly and your mom will be very comfortable in her new home...

Russell said...

You can never have enough friends!

One of my favorite sayings goes like this: A friend is a person who will stick up for you when you are not around! I think that came from a Peanuts comic one day...

Take care.

Sage said...

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, Linda. I know you've gone through some of this same thing with moving John's parents recently. Hope they are settled into their new place.

I love that saying, Russell! Peanuts is a wise guy, isn't he?! Thanks for the comment!