Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yesterday was a day that no one wants to relive, but it's over, we've done it, and mom and my sister are in their new apartment. A very nice apartment, by the way. It's in a large building or "community" only about a mile from their old place. The new home is just that, brand new. No one has lived there before them. It's cozy, appliances include a dishwasher and washer and dryer, and it's clean and light and airy. I pray they will be happy there, but I realize it's going to take mom some time to adjust.

Mom was anxious all day, shaky on her feet, and also in her mind. Things just weren't making sense to her, I guess, and she had a lot of questions, so it was hard to ask her to make decisions. We just kind of put the place together in a way we thought she'd like, and I think we did well. Before I left last night we went into her bedroom to make sure she could find her nightgown and bath items. The bedside chest wasn't to her liking, so we made a few adjustments, moved some lamps around, changed the location of her clock, and added another blanket to her bed. I'm praying she slept well and will wake refreshed. We told her that no one was going to wake her up this morning, in fact everyone was sleeping in today, so I haven't talked to her yet to see how the night went.

My sister has a nice room too, small, but light and airy with it's French doors opening to the wide hall way. A couple of nephews came to help with the move, and one of them works at one of the big electronics type places, so after purchasing a couple of new cords and some additional memory, he set up her computer and speeded it up a bit. I'm sure she is very thankful for that. Thanks Dan!

Today is a day of rest. We'll put up the living room curtains and maybe hang a couple of pictures, but that's all. The rest of the boxes will still be waiting for us tomorrow.

Thank you to my friends for your support. I appreciate the emails and comments, especially from you friends I've never met. This has been an emotional couple of weeks, and I've been strengthened by your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

PS: Lest anyone think we didn't have help yesterday, I need to set you straight. We had a crew....a large crew. My sister Betsy and her husband Ross and their son Erik, my sister Ruth and her husband Ike, my brother Paul and his wife Carolyn and their son Dan (and his wife Jen who told us an exciting secret!), my sister Lois who lives with mom, and Ernie and I and our son-in-law Mike made for an efficient crew. Wonder if the young folk ache as much today as us older folks do!

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Russell said...

Glad you got the move finished! I know it is a HUGE job. Lots of physical and emotion energy involved.

Take care.