Monday, October 10, 2011


The other morning I arose before the sun, and as it finally woke up, I snapped a couple of pictures.  The weather has been incredible in Minnesota this fall.  We are almost half way through October, and we're still hitting 80 in the afternoons!  I'm scared that we'll never have a real fall.  One morning we'll wake up, and we'll have 12 inches of snow that won't leave until next May!
I finished up this small table quilt this past weekend.  I really like it.  I used the rejected fabrics from the layer cakes that I used to make the quilt top shown here. I shouldn't say rejected, because I love Cotton Blossoms by Bonnie and Camille.....they were left over from the layer cakes for that quilt top.  I  followed Camille's pattern, Coming Home, from her book Simplify, except that I didn't put borders on,  I just bound it after I put the top together.  And I love it.  It is on my dining room table.

Tonight we had our two oldest granddaughters, and a grandson out for supper.  Kjirsten and her boyfriend Ryan are on the right, Katie and Clayton are in the middle, and their brother, Adam, has his back to us.  We had a very nice time, although the much needed rain did threaten for a few minutes.  No biggie......we threw a tarp over the pergola and all was fine.

We had invited their brother, Aaron and his girlfriend Callie, and cousin Caleb, but they had other things going tonight.  What fun to have adult grandkids who can appreciate Pioneer Woman's recipes!  I made her Rosemary Creamed Potatoes.....the ones with butter, half and half, whole cream, cream cheese and Parmesan  cheese.  Awesome! 

Now my friend Judy is coming to stay a couple of days.  I hope she likes left overs, because we have potatoes, green beans, and burgers left over.  Supper for tomorrow night is already cooked.  Can't beat that!


DynamicDuo said...

Just wanted to throw in a reminder of last year - It was 76 degrees on Tuesday and we got 11 inches of sloppy heavy wet snow on Saturday.... It's coming! ;0)

linda said...

how wonderful for you to have them to visit! and i loved this-Pioneer Woman's recipes-hahaha, that made me grin...aren't we all? i sure feel like it even tho i am so modernly GF, my heart still lies in apple pies, baking and stuffed chickens. xxx