Friday, October 21, 2011


This in August became
this in October.  And today it was crispy!

And this is why.......see that forecast?  Brutally cold and dry for Minnesota this coming winter. 

We turned on the heat this morning.


Kari said...

I wanted to turn on the heat this morning. The furnace guys are here now with the new furnace so we'll soon be warm...and broke.

Julie said...

We haven't turned on the heat yet, but we are dressing warmer.

I did not want to see this forecast. I think I will close my eyes, plug my ears and chant.

Marge said...

Julie and Kari, I didn't want heat yet, but hubby hasn't been feeling well, so he turned it on. But I think if we plug our ears and all chant la la la la la it will not happen. Okay? Ready, set la la la la

Paxie said...

I'm in NC and the heat is ON! I do think it's warmer outside than inside.

Good reason to take a long warm nap!

linda said...

it was 90 here today....why we didn't have this heat a little