Thursday, October 13, 2011


The cloudy skies and gloomy day were fitting as we stood quietly while the guns were fired to honor a member of The Greatest Generation.  Yesterday my Uncle Mike, age 88, who had served in the Pacific Theater during World War II, was laid to rest in a small town cemetery in northwestern Iowa.  His widow, my dad's baby sister Vonnie, received the American flag from a young man in his Air Force dress blues, her grandson.  What an emotional moment that was.
The pastor spoke about what a good man Mike was.  How he had served his country as a member of The Greatest Generation, how he had fed thousands upon thousands of people during his more than 60 years of farming, how he had faithfully and passionately loved his wife, children, and grandchildren.  But that even being a good man didn't mean anything when it came to his eternal life.  The most important thing about Mike was that he had been baptized as an infant, was a faithful Christian, and had always put God and his church first.  And that he was now in heaven waiting for the rest of us. 

We visited with aunts, uncles and cousins that we see only at funerals.  That is so sad.  I hope we can arrange a family get together soon without having to gather to mourn the death of a loved one.  I was struck at how much my dad's youngest brother had aged since I last saw him.   And another uncle, and an aunt, were not able to attend because of their health issues.  Even cousins of my generation showed their age, just as I do.

My thoughts as we left this little country church where Uncle Mike had been baptized, confirmed, and now buried were these:  We will miss you uncle Mike, but will see you soon.

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Paxie said...

I'm sorry Marge...Mike is now looking down upon his family and is at peace ♥

I'm glad Vonnie was able to receive the flag from someone special in her heart.

How is he liking the Air Force? Geez I can't remember his name. Starts with a T? LOL Sorry :(