Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I cannot believe that I haven't posted in almost a week.  I guess I've had too many things on my mind, and blogging just wasn't one of them.  We did go on an impromptu weekend trip, just Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, so I have a 24 hours excuse at least!  Our son called Saturday at noon, and invited us for  a dinner grill out and to spend the night.  It sure didn't take us long to pack up a change of clothes, our toothbrushes, and hubby's CPAP and get on the road for the two hour ride to their place.  And we had a wonderful time.  Kevin fixed a nice steak and grilled veggies, and we just visited with him and Molly, and grandson Justin.  Joe is in college in South Dakota, and was away from his computer on Saturday night, so we weren't able to Skype with him.
And, I have been working on this......... 

Isn't it cute?  It's going to be a baby quilt, and has another border in red on the outside of the white.  It is from Camille's   pattern, Sweet Pea, from her book Simplify.  I used two older charm packs that I had in my stash, one is Snippets from American Jane, and the other is Baskets of Flowers from Mary Engelbreit.  They mixed quite well,, I thought, and gave a much scrappier look than two of the same line would have.  And it was so simple to put together. 

Today is our anniversary.  I had my Tuesday morning Bible study this morning, and after coffee with the girls, I came home and we went back into town for lunch at Chipotle , our favorite spot.  Now I am going to work on the quilt, and hubby is in his recliner, wrapped in a fleece blanket to keep warm on this windy 43 degree day.  After 47 years of marriage, we can't handle much more excitement than that!


Camille said...


Happy Anniversary! 47 years is impressive. Way to go! Sounds like a pretty great day to me.

I love your quilt, and your table topper a few posts down. They both make me so happy inside. Scratch that, YOU make me so happy inside! Thank you so much for your sweet comment today. Hugs to you too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a perfect anniversary, you two. What could be more comfy than a fleece blanket on a cold, windy day...time for working on a favorite hobby...and a marriage that has weathered 47 years of life together?

Nancy in Iowa

Paxie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wow...47 years ♥

The quilt is beautiful hon!