Monday, July 18, 2011


I love to compare what I was doing six months ago, or a year ago, or even five years ago, with what I am doing today.  It's fun to see the huge differences in our life activities from one time to another.

Three years ago this week  we were spending our last hours with mom.  I miss her terribly but rejoice that she lives in Heaven with Jesus.

Two years ago this week we were in Alaska, visiting our son Chris, his sweet Amy, and grand dog Stella.  We were catching, eating, and canning salmon!

 Last year we were camp ground hosting in a Minnesota State Park (they are closed now for the state shutdown!) and I was enjoying quilting on my Big Brother! My sewing room is now put together and I am ready to start my first project in our new house.  A purse?  A tote?  A wall hanging?  A quilt?  I haven't decided for sure, but rest assured that I have enough fabric to do all of the above, 10 times over!

Six months ago  I was baking bread. Now I am eating gluten free.  Enough said about that, as that was the best bread I have ever eaten.

Also six months ago, the temps were hovering around 25 below zero!  Today we will again approach 100 degrees.

But the comparison that prompted this whole post is this one:  The only other spot in the Western Hemisphere with dew points in the 80's yesterday was the Amazon Jungle!  Unbelievable!


Linda said...

i was reading along nicely til i read your last sentence...think i would lie down and die rather than live in that...
the weather has been so weird, my son in austin has been cooking for months in 100+, you swelter and steam up there and out here, it's like february, cold, foggy and windy...the grapes have barely set fruit and it's at least six weeks late. strange strange strange. xox

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