Saturday, July 23, 2011


The appliance delivery guys came yesterday afternoon, only about a half hour past the two hour time period they had given us.  And they brought my new prize!  I was a little concerned when the driver got out of the truck.  He looked about 14 years old!  No kidding!  But his helper was much older, maybe looked 17 years old!   Oh my.  My boys didn't have those kinds of jobs at that age!  I guess they probably were a bit older, but I could have sworn they were still in high school.

Isn't she a beauty? 

I was so anxious for it to cool down so I could load our groceries.

Amd now look at it!  It is packed full!  A drawer of fruits, one of veggies, and then a whole shelf of veggies to boot!  Love that narrow extra drawer below the fruit and veggie drawers.  It holds odds and ends and lunch meat and bacon and cheese right now.  We'll see how it ends up being used as I get used to the space.

So far I love it!


AKBrady said...

I love new appliances. I'm lobbying my husband for a new dishwasher for Christmas. Sigh.

Joni said...

Well I love it too! It makes raiding the refrigerator so much more fun. When my daughter bought her house (did I tell you about that?) she had a fridge delivered and it was absolutely fascinating to watch them bring it in the house. Two men had these extra-wide straps strapped to their bodies and they carried the fridge in without using their hands. It looked as though the fridge was floating through the air. I asked if they could do it again but for some reason they just didn't want to. Well my friend, enjoy that new refrigerator - she's a beauty! Have a great day!

Linda up north said...

Wow that is spiffy! I love it too :)