Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We were notified that we should be picking up our new Prius  next Thursday.  I can't wait as we had a bit of a problem with our 15 year old van today.  It is usually very reliable.  We bought it used long ago, and it's taken us many miles and has always done what it's supposed to do.  However,  today it must have decided it was just too hot to run, because it keeled over and died.  In the Best Buy parking lot.  In town.  Five miles from home.

Ernie  took off walking to the closest car rental place.  I decided to just stay put.   Of course I had to sit with the doors wide open because the windows don't work so there was no breeze coming into the van where the temps registered 127 degrees and it was only 95 outside. 

He rented a car, we continued on our errands in town, and then notified the shop to go and pick it up and see if it's fixable.  I sure  hope so because he needs something to get around in.  You don't think I'm going to share my Prius, do you?

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