Monday, July 04, 2011


I am having fun looking back at the past five years and the July posts.  Boy, have I been blessed!  In 2006 we were on our retirement trip to Alaska with the two grandsons in tow.  The picture below is hubby and his 33 pound salmon, and son Chris with the big one, about 55 pounds I think!
In 2007 we were traveling with our friends Dick and Bev, and were in Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Foundland.  This photo is from PEI.  Oh, that was a fun trip!  Miss you guys!
In 2008 we were living back here and spending the last few weeks of mom's life with her. 

In 2009 we were in Glacier National Park, one of my favorite places on earth!  We were on our way to see Chris in Alaska again, but always stop in Glacier on the way.
Last year, in 2010, we were hosting at a state park campground. We were invited back for this summer, but decided to forgo the job this year.  Good thing as the parks are all closed!

We have no plans for this 4th of July!  Maybe we should clean the garage?

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AKBrady said...

Awesome pics! Hey, your son Chris looks sort of familiar. What did you say he did down the Homer/Seldovia way?