Thursday, July 14, 2011


When this news came out yesterday, everyone knew the state shutdown would be over soon.  You can take a Minnesotan's paycheck, his job, his wife, his children, fields and cattle, money and goods, but don't you dare take his beer!

The following is from an article by Eric Roper, updated July 13, 2011, in the Minneapolis StarTribune:
The MillerCoors brewing company landed in the cross hairs of Minnesota's government shutdown Wednesday when state officials said it would have to stop selling its beer in the state because of expired licenses.

The Department of Public Safety told the brewer it must stop distribution in Minnesota and devise a plan to pull its product from the shelves, including Coors, Coors Lite, Miller Lite, Miller High Life and 35 other name-brand beers. That would decimate choices for consumers. MillerCoors supplies 38 percent of the beer sold in Minnesota, and the state is one of the top five markets in the country for the brewing giant.   

Now this afternoon the news is this, also from the StarTribune:

Gov. Mark Dayton said Thursday morning that he is willing to accept Republicans' June 30 budget offer, which would close a $1.4 billion budget difference by delaying payment of school funds and borrowing against the state's tobacco settlement. 

He isn't happy, most of the officials aren't happy.  But you know what?  They can now have their beer!  All it took was for the expired license to come up for renewal, and there was no one to renew it.  Ooops, guess we'd best start up the government again, uh?  Thing is, delaying the payment of school funds just puts it off for two years when the exact same issue will come up.  Maybe Michelob will be up for renewal then!

So now my dear friends, you can vacation in Minnesota again!  Our highways will get their needed repairs, the rest stops will reopen, as will our state parks.  You will be able to buy a fishing license, and above all, you can now buy your beer again!  Skol!

*Just so no one gets confused.  The state is still in shutdown.  Nothing is signed or voted upon.  I just thought it so ironic that just when a major beer company's license is due, the talks are on again, and there is word of compromise.  We hope and pray things get settled, but they aren't at this point.  Just so you know!


Linda said...

marge, well, you best have a cold one or two in honor of them saving the state....wonder what will save my own, what a sham is that? lay off teachers, cops, nurses, close schools, parks, raise tuition, do anything but cut pay to these stupid pensions or pay hikes to the execs running the state....politics make me sick until finally it's so bad, it's beyond any hope and then i start looking at it...go figure. :)

Paxie said...

If this wasn't such a sad situation, it would be hilarious. Nothing will stop alcohol. Period.

Good grief!