Saturday, July 02, 2011


The last two days have been extremely hot.  Upper 90's and high humidity have been the days, and the nights were not much better.  We have left the house closed up and the air running.  But this morning we have all the windows open because it is so much cooler.  The humidity is sneaking up there again, but the temps are 20 degrees cooler than the last two days.  And the reason is a wonderful storm we had last night.  I couldn't shoot the storm itself because it was raining too hard to go outside and it was impossible to shoot through the rain and leaf splattered windows.  But after it was over, I wandered outside and this is what I found.

 Golden skies that a few seconds later had a touch of
pink in them,  then darker orangey kind of color,
and finally a little blue.
My grandpa, Baba, would have said that
this one was sky blue pink!


* said...

Love the photos! Clouds are so amazing to me. I didn't get any "after the storm" pics last night but saw through the window the beautiful colors. Now I can look at yours! Thanks for sharing.

Marge said...

Hey Linda! How are you? Happy to share photos....and I, too, love clouds and sky. Hope all is well.

Paxie said...

Absolutely gorgeous sky, Marge! I don't think we get clouds like that in NC LOL

I love looking "up" too :)

Have a wonderful and Happy 4th!

linda said...

amazingly gorgeous sky, marge...we don't see those here in summer, or rarely...hoping your weekend is as lovely. xxx