Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have two grandsons who are seniors this year.  One lives a couple of hours away, so I do not get to attend the important events in his senior year, but one lives only about 20 miles from here.  So when he invited us to come to prom, we did!
As we walked up to the school gym where the grand march was held, we saw Caleb and his lovely date, Anna, coming toward us.
They looked so nice, all dressed up in their fancy clothes!
 The gym was decorated like a candy land game, complete with
 a lollipop forest!
 We weren't sitting in a very good location for picture taking, but I shot away anyway, hoping to get something.  Here they are, entering through the rainbow gate.

They did stop just down from us, and I got a couple of shots off, but Mr. Caleb likes to make funny faces, so I don't have any very flattering pictures of him!  This next one is the best of the pictures I took of him.
His feet, with his fancy shoes and colorful socks!
Speaking of shoes.  The girls had an interesting selection of shoes.....there were WalMart flipflops, red and purple canvas shoes, sparkly sandals, and 5 inch spikes.  The funny thing was that none of them knew how to walk in those heels!  Girls, if you plan to wear 5 inch heels to your prom, you should at least practice walking in them.  I'm guessing they will all be dancing barefoot after the first dance.

The other interesting thing was the colors of the dresses.  I saw one blue one.  A few lime green ones.  There were a couple of camouflage looking prints, some stripey looking ones, and a floral print or two.  There were several pink ones, a lot of black or white, and black and white combination dresses, and quite a few yellow ones.  But the color we saw the most often seemed to be orange!  Really!  Back in the day, the dresses were mostly soft pastel colored, now anything is okay, and even bright orange!  

Our 2011 prom was a lot of fun.  Now I just pray that the kids all have a good time, behave themselves, and arrive home safe and sound in the morning.
Have fun Caleb and Anna!


Kari said...

Love the socks!

Lena . . . said...

How fun. What a handsome grandson and he has a gorgeous date. Oh to be that slim again!!

AKBrady said...

How fun that you got to go to Prom. What a great idea. I dig those socks. What a great kid.