Monday, April 25, 2011


Good morning!  And what a lovely morning it is in Minnesota.  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the wind is not blowing, and the temps are on the rise.  It's spring!

And I feel different.  Do you ever have that feeling?  You wake up in the morning just knowing that something is different?  Well, that happened to me today.  I rolled over a couple of minutes before six, and the aches and pains I felt when I collapsed into bed last night seemed to be gone!  My legs weren't throbbing, and my back wasn't aching.   What a great feeling!  I jumped crawled out of bed and found I could actually walk, which last night I wasn't sure I would be able to do this morning!

Soon the sun was shining into the room and I was enjoying my first cup of  French press coffee and reflecting on our day yesterday.  It was a beautiful Easter!  Our worship service was filled with my favorite resurrection hymns and the sermon again proclaimed the happy news that He is risen!  News that not only makes me feel different, but that truly makes me different!  Because of the resurrection I am different.  I am clean.  I am pure.  I am saved!  Thanks be to God!

The remainder of the day also left me feeling different.  We had a holiday meal with my sister and our second son, his wife, and their son, and we had a very pleasant visit with all of them.  Then our oldest son and family, our youngest son and family, our oldest daughter and most of their family and our youngest daughter all came for varying lengths of time.  I served the one sit down meal for the smaller group, and then had food out all afternoon so those who came and went could graze at will.  It was a very nice day.  We are crowded in our small place, but everyone was calm, everyone had a spot to sit if they wanted to do so, the weather was nice so kids were in and out a bit, and I actually enjoyed the day!  I always love when our kids come, and especially love the grandkids to visit, but sometimes I don't enjoy the noise and chaos of the whole gang.  Yesterday was different, and I felt so blessed. 

I know the reason for this different feeling.  New life!  Eternal life because of Easter, and the new life of spring.  Isn't it fitting that Easter comes at the beginning of spring!  And now today I plan to enjoy this different feeling.  Outside in the sunshine! Thank you Jesus for these wonderful gifts of life!


AKBrady said...

Awe-some! :)

Linda up north said...

He Is Risen!

Marge said...

Linda: He is Risen indeed!

AKBrady: Awesome doesn't cover it, does it?