Saturday, April 02, 2011


The RV park where we spent the last month was about 15 miles south of Mesa.  This is the temperature on our truck on Thursday evening as we drove to Ernie's brother and SIL's place to meet them to go out to dinner.  I texted with Neil last night, Friday night, and it had been 98 yesterday.  Good reason for us to leave!
Here is our truck and trailer on Friday morning as we packed up to head home.
These layers on the mountain are the highway, north of Globe on the way to Show Low.
This was some of the prettiest scenery we saw the whole two months we were in Arizona.  The area around the White Mountain Apache Nation was absolutely beautiful.
Yesterday we drove to Albuquerque NM and spent the night in another AFB campground.
This was the sight yesterday afternoon as we approached Albuquerque.  Those white squares on the far hill are all campers, heading home after their winter in Arizona.  The majority of them were from Minnesota.
This morning we left Albuquerque and headed north east.  There are huge cattle feeder lots in Texas, this just isn't a good picture that was taken at 65 MPH out the dirty window.
When we got to Oklahoma we found many of these windmills to capture the wind that comes rushing down the plains.............
and this is the reason why it does.  There is nothing to stop it!  Nothing!
Tonight we are in a motel in Liberal Kansas.  Headed to Omaha tomorrow night, then home on Monday night.

I, personally, am headed to the shower where I plan to stand under the hot shower for at least 15 minutes while the water messages my aching shoulders, neck and back.  Rough two days.

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