Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night was our last big activity of our trip.  We attended the Arizona Opry with Ernie's brother Neil and his wife Karen.  We had a wonderful time!  It is a dinner show and the food was plentiful and good.
Nothing fancy about the setup.  Just long church basement tables, and chairs, plastic glassware and plain dishes.  But the staff served the whole room in about twenty minutes.  And believe it or not, they have a gluten free substitution for the regular meal!  The meal was roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed veggies, some apple dish, a roll and chocolate cake.  I was given gravy made with cornstarch, a bean salad in place of the roll, and a gluten free pudding in place of the chocolate cake.  And my meal was just fine.  And Ernie enjoyed two pieces of chocolate cake.
John Denver was there.
As was Willie Nelson.  Elvis also made an appearance, but he was not worth taking a picture of! 
It was a good show, many different instruments, a little comedy, and plenty of energy!  We enjoyed it very much.

Tonight we're going to a steak house close to Neil and Karen's place, for one last get together out in the Arizona sun.  Tomorrow we hit the road.  I suppose soon I'll have to trade in the capris for my jeans, the short sleeved T shirts for sweat shirts, and my sandals for real shoes and socks.  I'll probably even lose my funky tan!
Ugly feet, I know.  Lack of pedicure, I know.  But a bunch of funny brown spots, which are the result of the sunshine on my Keen sandal clad feet.  I look like I have some disease!
And this is what we are leaving behind.  The desert is in bloom, and the cacti are very beautiful with their colorful flower accessories.  We are leaving in the morning.  I will try to update on the road.


TonjiaT said...

sounds like a great show!! dont you love "sandal tans" LOL

Russell said...

Love the church tables! I always think of GREAT food and lots of fun conversation in that kind of setting.

Sure sounds like you have had a great trip! I need to take some time to go through the various posts you put up. I enjoy traveling to such great places right from home!

Take care and hope you have a safe trip home.