Monday, March 07, 2011


Hello?  Is anybody home?  Did the last person out of the state of Minnesota turn out the lights?  Wow!  By the looks of the RV park, the highways, and any parking lot you enter, most of the state of Minnesota must be in the Mesa area!  Two sites away from us in this RV park is a couple from our home town.  No, we don't know them, but they know Ernie's brother.  We went to church in Mesa yesterday, and as we left the sidewalk to go to our truck, we passed by 6 vehicles.  Five sported Minnesota plates!  The other folks seem to be from Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Michigan, or British Columbia and Alberta.

Last night after supper, and as the sky was turning a beautiful orange, I went for a walk with the camera.  I left the RV park and walked down the road, trying to get a shot of the mountains and sunset without the annoying poles and wires that bug me so!  I finally found a spot and took some great pictures, which I tried posting last night, and the signal wasn't strong enough.  I'll try again.  But I found out something really funny today regarding my walk.  Apparently, they close the gate to the RV park at 8:00 and you have to have a code number to punch in to get back into the park.  Guess what?  I didn't know that!  Had I stayed out much longer, I would have found closed gates when I returned, and I wouldn't have had a clue as to the code!  And Ernie didn't know where I had gone, so he wouldn't have gone looking for me.  It could have been interesting!

We have plans to take a boat ride through a canyon lake.  It sounds like fun, and I've heard there is wildlife on them there in rams up on the mountainside.  Ernie and his brother have golf planned for Wednesday.  I know.  Ash Wednesday, and church is 30 miles away, and they won't be done until too late to make the service.  I'm not happy about that.  There are many things in the area that I think sound interesting, so we have lots of plans to make.

But first I'd like to post a photo for your enjoyment.  Isn't it lovely?


Jeanne said...

I love sunset pictures in the mountains. Beautiful!! I'll be watching for the boat ride pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow Marge...the color of the sky is spectacular!!! Oh how glad I am you were not caught outside the gate!!! Please take a cell phone just in case of any emergency~

AKBrady said...

Oh, that is quite something! Makes me feel warmer just looking at it.

Paxie said...

So much sky and land! It is truly beautiful :) Wow.

and yes...take a cell phone