Wednesday, March 02, 2011


We have two more days here after today, and then we are moving about two hours north of here, to the Mesa area.  I am looking forward to moving, not only because I will have people around there that I know and will get together with, but also because I think we've stayed here about a week too long.  It's time to go!  We've seen what we wanted to see and it's time for new adventures.  I'm lonesome, I'm bored, and I'm bitchy.  Ask Ernie.

We woke up on Sunday morning to snow in the truck, ground, and on the mountains in the distance.  The truck and ground cover was melted by the time we left church, but the snow remained on the mountains all day and into Monday.  It's gone now.  The temperature here in the Tucson valley will hit 80 this afternoon.  Ernie is out on the golf course (for the third day in a row, I might add) enjoying the sun.  I did notice the temperature back home this morning was below zero.  I'm sorry.

We have picked out an RV park that we are aiming for.  Hopefully they still have room for us when we get there.  They advertise wifi.  Hoping it's better than the system here!  We have a booster antenna right across the street in front of the RV, but with about 200 trailers parked in this area, I think they need a few more because the signal strength does not handle pictures.  And you know I like to post pictures.   I have many that I haven't shared with you because I don't have the patience to wait 20 minutes for one to load!  So let's hope that situation improves.

We will be having a small steak and grilled asparagus for supper.  Serving at six.  Gluten free.  And we will have a glass of wine out on the little patio area at five.  Gluten free.  You are all invited!


Lena . . . said...

I'd LOVE to join you for wine on the patio, but I'm STUCK here in the snow and the cold. New flood forecast came out yesterday and it didn't change much, but now they tell us we won't get any thawing weather until after March 21st. So don't hurry home - stay where it's warm!!

Paxie said...

I'm late in catching up so I know you've moved by now. Leave snow and then get snow, but at least it melted! Still sounds wonderful :)