Sunday, March 06, 2011


Am I the most pathetic blogger ever or what?  I shouldn't even make excuses for the many days between each post, but I will.  I'm all about excuses.  You see, I just haven't felt like talking.  We've done some fun things, we've seen some nice sights, and I have enjoyed some of our time down here.  But I also have been kind of bummed, kind of disillusioned, and not really into this whole adventure.  I had the big flareup, I had a cold, I haven't been sleeping well at all, and I'm lonesome for kids and grandkids.  I am tired of beige.  Beige ground, beige roads, beige mountains, beige homes, beige landscape......I miss green.

Okay.  Did I get enough excuses in that paragraph?  Let's see if I can move on.  Heaven knows Ernie would appreciate a change in attitude.

Yesterday morning we packed up, hitched up, and moved our house about two hours north of where we were in Tucson.  We are now within 8 miles of Ernie's brother and SIL and within 30 miles of my sister and BIL.  We are in a nice RV park, I think.  I haven't explored yet, but Ernie went for his morning walk and reported back that things are nice.  Thanks Neil for locating this park for us!  Our original destination turned out to be a real dump.  I didn't even get out of the truck.  Ernie wisely decided to look further and called his brother who had already located this alternative spot.  And it's a 100% improvement!

So yesterday afternoon we got set up here, I vacuumed and arranged things for our stay here in the Mesa area.  And then we were invited to Neil and Karen's for a nice steak dinner on their patio, with the mountain sunset view to accompany our wine and conversation.  Thanks you two!  I needed that!  Love you guys.

Now it's time to get ready for church.  We are meeting Ruth and Ike, my sister and BIL, up by their resort for church and probably lunch after church.  The Garmin, nicknamed Ole, tells us it's about 30 miles from here, so we should leave a bit early to adjust for unfamiliar roads and unknown traffic.  It sure will be good to see them!  I miss my family!

But I promise I am going to do better.  We'll air for more posts and hopefully pictures, as the wifi signal seems good  and strong here.  And I'm working on the attitude.


TonjiaT said...

and I'll bet you will see some amazing color in that Arizona sunset..

Glad you found a nice place, do you guys have a club or group that will review the bad places for others???

Marge said...

Tonjia, we normally stay at Air Force Base Famcamps, so there isn't a problem. We can get that information easily. But there is no Famcamp here close to Mesa, so we had to go elsewhere. And there are nice RV Resorts all over. Hundreds of RV parks! And my sister is at one, and we have friends at another. But I am married to someone who is cheap, so he'll go for the least expensive rent. And this time it backfired at him! He's already had our mail forwarded there, so now he has a mess! He will be busy tomorrow, getting himself straightened out!