Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Yesterday morning we left our place just a bit after seven to drive to Mesa and meet up with my sister and BIL to take a road trip.  We headed up into the mountains to Sedona, the famous spot of vortexes, crystals, and red rocks.  Along the way we stopped at this National Monument, Montezuma's Castle, another cliff home of the Hokoham peoples back in the 1000's through the 1400's.  Again, by the time Columbus "discovered" America, these people had moved on.  I find these homes of our early American people so fascinating.  But everytime I see a home like this, my first thought is 'Oh mamas!  I hope you are watching your babies!'  Can you imagine raising kids in a place like this?
The scenery around Sedona is beautiful.  I love the red rocks, especially against the blue skies.
We stopped at this chapel.  And yes, we had to climb up to it.  There is a steep winding road on the right side, and we hiked up to the chapel.
This is the view of the interior.  I believe the windows behind the altar and the outstanding scenery outside would be very distracting!  But oh, so beautiful!
It seems that every view of the red rocks and blue skies included the contrail of a jet.
Ernie and BIL Ike, resting.  See the tiny cars below?  We are parked even further down the hill!
And this was our lunch view.  I don't know who the silhouetted folks are, but I can't help it they were in the way of my photo op!
Then it was on to Tuzigoot, prounced Two-see-whoodt, another home of our first peoples.  This was different.  It was a series of stone walls forming rooms, situated on the top of a small hill.  These rooms were originally covered, with an opening in the roof and a ladder leading into the room.  Each room was the home of a family.  No doors to the outside, no windows, only the opening in the roof with a ladder.  I cannot imagine the stale air inside, can you? 
But at least your babies wouldn't fall off the cliff!  They would be totally enclosed in four walls!
These peoples were also gone by the early 1400's. 
I also could not imagine living in a small one room cabin, all alone on thousands of acres of land.  There is nothing.  No trees.  Nothing!  Just a few bushes or cactus.  I guess it's a good thing I wasn't one of the first people in this part of the country.  I've always thought it would be great fun to be back in the Little House on the Prairie days, but I know for sure I wouldn't like living in the little house on the desert!


Jeanne said...

I've always heard that Sedona is a beautiful place to visit and your pictures definitely make me want to go there. I think I would rather the little one room cabin than the cliff dwellings - I'm not crazy about heights anyway and I would have nightmares about the babies!

AKBrady said...

Amazing. I love that chapel. My kind of place. We decided we're going to Tuscon next spring break.

Stella said...

I visited Sedona in high school with my traveling choir group! Thanks for sharing pictures and helping me relive fun memories!