Monday, April 18, 2011


Last week was a complaining week for me, and I didn't bore you with many posts, did I?  I'm still in a mood, but I do have to tell you that one of my complaints has been fixed!

My windshield wipers work without putting the lights on high beam, or without constantly making left turns.  Ernie ordered a new switch and installed it, and I can now drive in the rain without high beam and I can go straight ahead!  Good thing, too, because tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night the forecast calls for rain, turning over to flakes, and the accumulation of a few inches.  Of the white stuff.  Again.  Yuck.

However, I am still typing on the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow blue Acer with the keyboard measuring about three by six inches.  I have not heard a word from the doctor on the health of the laptop so I am assuming they haven't run all the tests yet to determine the cause of the symptoms leading to the earlier diagnosis of DOA.  I am hoping health can be restored, but if it can't I'll just have to deal with it.

Meanwhile, I am trying to have a complaining free day!

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AKBrady said...

I'll join you in that wish, even though I just posted about sort of the same feeling. Yuck is right.
Let's see, positives....Oh, the sun is out! How's that? Did I sound better?