Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know.  You haven't heard a word from me for a week.  I have been meaning to write, but I've also been really grouchy.  So it's probably best I didn't write because it would have been just complaining!

We arrived home a week ago today after spending the extra day in Omaha.  We had an uneventful trip.  Now that the truck is parked, I think it will stay parked.  At well over $4.00 for diesel, and at 11 MPG, we cannot afford to drive it!  So we'll drive the fourteen year old van.  Which is fine and dandy as long as it's not raining!  On Sunday night when I was coming home from a jazz concert at the college, it was raining.  The wipers would not work unless you put the headlights on high beam or turned on the left turn signal.  Well, neither of those options worked well driving through town!  However, the wipers on the rear window worked, even when you didn't turn them on!

In addition to the non-functioning windshield wipers, I have a computer that isn't working.  It won't turn on!  It almost seems like it isn't getting any power, even though it's plugged in.  So I guess I have to make a trip to the store where I purchased it to see if they can figure it out. 

We have the trailer unloaded, and things are pretty much put away.  The laundry basket has been emptied, and filled again.  We've eaten up most of the food that was in the trailer, and tomorrow I need to replenish the fruits and vegetables.  We attended Wednesday and Sunday services at our own church, and today I joined my girls in our Bible study.

The snow is gone, we've had a thunder storm, and the grass is green!  I love spring in Minnesota.

Life is returning to normal and I like it that way.

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TonjiaT said...

welcome home world travelers!!

I am so sorry to hear about the computer, they always seem to croak at the very worst time.

have a great week, and I believe blogs are a "complain anytime" zone!!