Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night was another short night of sleep.  I think part of my problem lately is the lack of exercise.  But it's been so gray and rainy and just plain yucky, that I haven't felt like getting out on the trail.  That has to change.  Sooner rather than later, because I need to get some sleep, and in order to sleep, I need some decent exercise!

However, as daughter Kari says this morning, at least there was a wedding to watch.  The bride and groom were lovely, the crowd was well behaved in true British style, and the queen was, well, queenly.  But my favorite was Prince Harry with his red, slightly messy hair.  What a seemingly delightful young man!  Reminds me so much of a certain one of my grandsons!  Love you Caleb!

Another part of my not sleeping is that we have some things going on around here that are causing me a bit of stress.  More on that subject later.

Yesterday was a fun family day.  We all met at my middle sister's home, where Ruth served us coffee and treats before we took off on a sisterly adventure.  We brought the hubbies along, but instead of going with us to the big used book sale, they headed the other direction to Fleet Farm.  Typical guys!  My sisters, Betsy, Ruth, and Lois, and SIL Carolyn, and I went to a nearby college town to their annual book sale.  I only bought 4 books this year as I have the Nook, but one sister bought almost twenty used books at an excellent price.  Then we had to have lunch, of course.  I had a nummy bean soup, the others had Amish chicken noodle or tomato basil.  All were very good.

Then it was off to Penzey's Spice Store.  Do you know Penzeys?  They have the very best spices and seasonings.  I bought refills on a few items, and picked out a couple of new things to try.  We went back to my sister's town, and stopped at a cheese store where I picked up a couple of cheeses.  I got a wonderful smoked Gouda, and my favorite, a white cheddar with cranberries. 

Back at Ruth's home we met up with the guys, had a little late afternoon snack of cheese and good things that traditionally accompany cheese, and then left for home.

Another great family day was enjoyed and filed away in our memories.  Now if I could sleep, life would be good.  Very good.


Lena . . . said...

White cheddar with cranberries sounds absolutely wonderful. Making my mouth water right now. Hope your sleep situation straightens out.

Marge said...

Lena, it is good. Especially with a glass of pinot noir! You may not have TV but looks like you have internet, so no problem! Right? Have fun.

TonjiaT said...

we used to attend a big book sale every year at the college where we lived in PA.. an entire gymnasium FULL of all kinds of books, even donated every year to get rid of the ones we bought the year before. LOL

my husband is a book hound... It was always fun! I am glad you enjoyed it.

We dont have a Penzeys, I wish we did....

What is a fleet farm?? Hope you get some much needed sleep tonight.