Monday, April 04, 2011


We spent Saturday night in Liberal Kansas.  The plan was to stay in Omaha last night, and in our own home in Minnesota tonight.  Well, we did stay in Omaha last night.  But we are still here, and will be staying again tonight.  We have had high winds since yesterday afternoon, and the recommendation from the Highway Patrol was that high profile vehicles, big trucks, and trailers, should stay off the highway.  It was dangerous driving, and a big vehicle like a camper trailer could be easily blown off the road.  So here we are!

We did do some tourist activities today.  We unhooked the trailer and left it in the parking lot, and took the truck for a spin.  We ate lunch at Spaghetti Works, where they offer rice noodles as a gluten free substitution with their sauces!  Then we looked up our niece who has a painting studio in a huge warehouse that houses many other artists.  She gave us a tour of the place, and we saw many very nice pieces of glass work, jewelry, paintings, photography and pottery, all made by local artists.

Then we went to Boys Town and took a self tour, following the map we were given, and visiting numerous buildings.  We found the History Center very interesting.  It showed the history from the founding by Father Flanagan up to the present time.  What a remarkable man, way ahead of his time, was Father Flanagan.  He took young boys off the streets, out of abusive homes, or out of the legal system, and gave them a home with clean clothes, beds, food each meal, supervision, education, work training, and love, and kept them safe until high school graduation.

  And after seeing the poster for the movie, and the Oscar that Spencer Tracy received for his portrayal of Father Flanagan, I need to see the movie again.  I remember especially the part played by Micky Rooney. 

The boys of Boys Town had a well known choir.  And I was taken back to my childhood when I saw this album cover.  I don't know if my parents had this record, or if my grandparents, who were big supporters of Boys Town, had it, but I have see it before.  Siblings?  Anyone know?
We think the winds will subside overnight, so we plan to be on the road early in the morning and home in the afternoon.  I am bummed about this delay because I was so excited to attend my Bible Study tomorrow morning!  I've been missing my girls and so looking forward to getting together with them again.  Well, next week for sure.

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