Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Originally I was going to do something fun, write something profound, or in some special way acknowledge my 1000th post.  And then I got excited about going to prom and just ignored the whole thing.  The occasion would have probably just passed with no mention, except that we now have some exciting news that would have really made for a memorable 1000th post!  Instead, it is post number 1001 that will contain our exciting news.

Some background information.  Back in May of 2006 we had big plans to travel.  For ten years hubby said.  We sold our house, retired, and bought a big RV and a truck, and we took off to Alaska.  We then traveled to all four corners of America and Canada during the next 18 months.   Things changed in January of 2008 when we decided we were needed back in Minnesota.  We rented the lower level of a duplex and eased back into living in one spot instead of traveling the highways and byways of our great country.  We sold the big RV, bought a smaller camper, and traveled for a couple of months during the winter the last three years.  However, it's getting pretty expensive to try to travel, and to maintain a permanent spot.  And think of all the money we were throwing away every month in rent.

So, here we are in the first week of May, five years after selling our home of 25 years.  And our big news is that we are buying a home!  We are moving all the way across the street!  We are buying a twin home, all one level, patio style with not a step on the property!  We will have a large living room/ dining room combination, a nice kitchen with an eating area on the end of it, two large bedrooms, both with their own bathrooms, two lovely walk-in closets, and a small laundry room.  And a double car garage.  And two small patios, one off the kitchen overlooking a swamp/wildlife area, and one off the second bedroom.  All the doorways are large, the hallway is wide, and bathrooms are handicap friendly, so we figure we can grow old in this home and not have to worry if one of us becomes handicapped.

We are excited!  Things are moving very quickly.  We decided, filled out paperwork, met with folks and signed more paperwork, and the ball is rolling!  All this in the last week! 

So, this afternoon I went to the liquor store!  No, not for spirits for celebration, but for boxes!  I hauled home a whole van full of lovely cases of brandy boxes....empty, of course.  And I am ready to pack up the fragile antique dishes from the china hutch and the barrister bookcase.  Most everything else can just be put in boxes and carried across the street, emptied, and the box sent back to the duplex to be refilled. 

So exactly 5 years after selling our home and giving away most everything and packing up the rest, we are buying a home and packing up and moving into our own home again.  Pictures once we're the owners!


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! Hopefully this does not mean your winters will be spent in Mn.

Marge said...

Riky......we will probably sell the trailer and truck. Can't afford to drive that thing with the gas prices. Maybe we'll buy a small car and can still travel a bit.

When you guys coming home? It was nice today....sun even!!!!

Linda up north said...

Congratulations! God bless you with many happy years in your new home!

Lena . . . said...

Congratulations!! Life does take some interesting turns, doesn't it.

Paxie said...

I had to come back to this post in order to catch up on the moving thing! Congratulations! I know you love traveling, but yes, it is expensive now a days. So happy for you :)