Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We are in our new home.  I think we have everything moved across the street, except for a couple of things in the garage.  Now I have to clean the old place!  We had done the windows a couple of weeks ago, and I also cleaned the oven, so the hardest things are done,

We have most of the furniture put in it's final spot I think, but have no decorating done, no pictures on the walls, and no final touches done.  Hopefully that will get done today and tomorrow, and then I can take some pictures to post. 

So far we are liking our new place and are thinking it was a good move.  I hope we continue to feel so positive!  I don't want to move again anytime soon!

My heart is heavy this morning as I hear the news of yet another town being wiped off the map.  It appears, now at first light, that Denning Arkansas has joined Joplin, Missouri as a terrible tragedy.  And Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas were also hit by the fierce storms yesterday.  It is heartbreaking to see the news footage being reported this morning.  My prayers for all of my friends who live in that area.  Please let us know that you are okay.


Paxie said...

It must be weird looking across the street at the place you used to live! Where do you get all your energy? My oh my...

The weather is terrible and I believe all are praying for these poor souls. Tragic.

TonjiaT said...

welcome to your new home!! I hope you love it there!

This is surely a horrible spring for those in our midwest... my prayers are being sent to them all..

Linda up north said...

You are in! Hooray! Enjoy your time decorating :)

TonjiaT said...

Hey Marge, our new home is 5 miles away! almost across the street! LOL