Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have two grandsons graduating this spring.  We attended the first of those graduations last night when Caleb graduated from a small town Minnesota high school.  You know the kind I mean, a small farming community where the dress code includes jeans, flannel shirts, boots, and the green caps advertising farm equipment.  Oh, there were also the five inch stiletto heels, tight little skirts barely covering the undies, and the over-sized baggy jeans with the crotch below the knees paired with black T's with symbols and words I didn't know or want to know.  But the guests of honor wore green and white robes.

Their class flower was the spider mum and their class color was lime green. 

 The graduates marched in from both sides of the gym and met in the middle before taking their assigned seats.  Caleb and his friend met at the intersection with a huge hug.

Someone got a bit artistic with their hat, uh Caleb?  Good thing you are heading to art school.

Back to the small town thing.  With only 76 graduates, there is enough time, and enough community interest, to do a slide show including baby pictures of all of the graduates.  Here is Mr. Caleb in his bibs.  And his mullet!

I haven't seen the diploma to verify that it was signed, but I'm guessing it was.  Good job, Caleb!

The mess of silly string, popped balloons, and tossed programs under the graduates' chairs.  Poor janitor!

Here is handsome Caleb and his friend, and college roommate, Tony.  Congratulations guys!  If you behave at college I'll send you care packages!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

You talk about a small school, there were 36 in my graduating class, 5 of which were Linda's, 3 Patti's and then 4 more girls, the rest were guys!

wall-tent living said...

Congratulations Caleb!!! We are so proud of you! I remember that summer you and Adam were in Seldovia running around wet and dirty for weeks? You've grown into a fine young man! XO Chris and Amy

AKBrady said...

That is awesome. Really. And you are a good grandma :0