Wednesday, May 18, 2011


What a week this has been!  So much has happened since we decided to buy a place, only about three weeks ago!  I've made numerous trips to town, mostly to Lowe's it seems, and have put a dent in the bank balance.  I've ordered a cellular shade for the front window....which is 95 inches wide and expensive!  Then I purchased three area rugs for the wood laminate floors.  Expensive!  Remember I mentioned earlier that we bought a new mattress and that was expensive!  I am so done spending the big bucks.  It's making me nervous.

There was a small glitch in the whole process when we learned the appraisal was a little low, so we ended up having to come up with more money for the down payment.  But I think all is progressing, and if things go according to plans, we will close on Friday and will then move across the street to our new home.

Meanwhile, I have been packing.  Now, we sold our big home five years ago and I got rid of forty years of stuff.  Well, somehow, it seems we have stuff again.  And I'm having to sort and get rid of stuff as I'm packing again.  Mostly though I'm just putting things in boxes and plastic tubs, and I'll sort on the other side of the street as I put things away.  Why do we do that?  Accumulate stuff, I mean?  I really. really want to simplify my life.  Honest I do.  So I'm going to be very strict with myself as I sort and put away.  Hopefully I'll have a whole truck full for the thrift shop.

Mindless packing duties make for good prayer time.  And boy do I have a lot of people to pray for!  A bit over a week ago, Ernie's brother and wife went to visit other brother and wife in Arizona.  The visiting wife ended up in the hospital with ischemic bowel disease.  Doesn't sound like that was fun at all!  When she was released, the four of them started on a special trip back to Minnesota, going the long way and hitting national parks etc along their way.  In Sheridan Wyoming the vehicle became ill, and needed transmission work which necessitated waiting the weekend for the shop to open on Monday morning.  Meanwhile, my other sister-in-law had a heart attack on Sunday night!  It was so windy they couldn't get a chopper in so had to use a small plane to transfer her to a city with a larger hospital.  On Monday she had surgery to place stints in two arteries that were 90% blocked.  She is doing well, was released yesterday, and the plan is to start back home tomorrow.   What a trip!

Then this morning I received a call from our oldest son.  He told us that his wife's dad, who happens to live here in our area, has been admitted to the hospital.  He has been on chemo for a year now for lung cancer and things aren't going well right now.  

I won't ask you to come and help pack, but if you are so inclined, please pray for my two sisters-in-law, Susan and Karen and for Molly's dad, Mike.

It's getting close.  We are getting anxious.  In other words, we can't wait to move across the street!


DynamicDuo said...

I've put them all and you on my prayer list. I expect to see you sometime this spring to get a housewarming gift from the greenhouse! You need not buy anything but I would love to see you.

Russell said...

Congratulations on your new house - sounds exciting! Wow!

Yes, you certainly do have two handsome grandsons. And when I saw the pictures of Caleb's prom I almost fell out of my chair!

THAT is the exact, same prom theme we had when I was a junior in high school! I could ont believe it when I saw this!

As juniors our class had voted to have a night at the Playboy club (says something about our class and, yes, there were more boys than girls as you can guess by the results of the vote).

Of course the school administration said NO to that idea - heh! At that point our class went in totally the opposite direction and had a Candyland Fantasy.

It actually turned out to be very, very good. We had the huge lollipops (like their forest) and all such things.

When I looked at the pictures of the prom set up in the gymnasium, well, that was just like ours. It was amazing to see this!

Even the lights on the floor and the colored panels for a walk way!

Most interesting!

Take care.

Linda said...

how exciting...i am out of the loop with my computer problems that i still have--grrrr---so did not know you were moving...didn't you just do that or sell everything to travel or now are you done doing that? i am confused marge, your life is so much more busy than mine... lovely photo in your header...i shall pray for your family members and friends, how dreadful when these things happen like this....makes us feel so inadequate to do much else...xoxox♥