Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It has been a really busy last week!  We are finally getting settled, and I do have a couple of rooms that I think are pretty much the way they will stay.  For the time being, anyway!  Below is the kitchen with the eating area on the end.  I love that spot overlooking the swamp/wildlife area in back.  We have a lot of different birds visiting the feeders we just put out, and I hope we'll have many more as they become used to us.

The living room with the dining room behind the sofa.
A little different view of that same area, with the door into the kitchen.

The little piece of open door you see in the way back left of the picture below is to our bedroom.  I do not have that area finished yet.

Below is the dining room and living room from the kitchen door looking to the front of the home.

And the spare room isn't finished yet either, but I did dig out the first quilt I ever made, my sampler quilt from 1982.  I never really liked it after I was done!

It was completely hand quilted.  Something I would not be able to do today because my fingers would ache too much!

I still don't really like it, but I think I'll use it on the spare bed for awhile.  This room will also double as my sewing room, so I guess it's appropriate to have a quilt I made on the bed in there!


Jeanne said...

I love your quilt! I just finished my first quilt top and can't wait to get it quilted and get another one started.
I really like the looks of your new home. We have so much 'stuff' after being in the same home for 40 years that I can't imagine moving.

Paxie said...

Looks very comfy and inviting. You've gotten settled in very nicely and I love the quilt!

TonjiaT said...

beautiful!! our new house isnt as big as yours, just a one bedroom, I will post pics when we get in the house.

I love the quilt! I love all quilts.. I think each one has a story to tell

AKBrady said...

Looks lovely and quite homey. Well done! Don't forget to take five and relax....
I miss the bird feeders in the summer. We can't have them up because the bears manage to climb up and steal the birdseed!

Linda up north said...

Oh its wonderful! I hope you have lots and lots of birds at your feeders! Birding is one of my favorite things :)