Saturday, November 22, 2008


We took an unexpected trip yesterday, a fun thing to do when the sun is shining and masking the fact the the wind was blowing up a wind chill for us. Granddaughter, Katie, pictured below on her wedding day last May, had to go to the Cities to deliver a car, and she needed a ride home. So would grandpa and grandma follow her and give her a ride home? You bet we would! Gave us two hours in the car with just Katie and we had a wonderful visit. Katie is a new bride, a college student, and a PCA, making her life full to overflowing right now. But she is handling it very well, and we are so proud of her!

When we got home I had a few things to do before I could make supper for hubby. I had talked to Gail earlier, and we made plans to visit her today. She had asked for a couple of things so I set off to find them. She wanted some sweat shirts and sweat pants, and I thought I would check a couple of thrift stores first. I found one Viking (as in Minnesota Vikings football) shirt and knew she would love that, and it looked almost new. $3.00, not too bad. But I found nothing else except stretched out of shape, stained, hugely over priced, crap, excuse the language. So I went to the club Sam has, and stuff was high and couldn't find a small anyhow, which my 85 pound daughter needs. Went across the parking lot to Sam's Mart and found Hanes on sale for $5! Yes! I got her a couple of shirts and a pair of sweat pants, and she will be thrilled.

So, now it's hit the shower, meet my siblings for an early lunch, and then head off to visit Gail. She seems to be doing well. I hope and pray she is. And thanks for your prayers!


Tonjia said...

your granddaughter is beautiful. I am glad you got to spend some quality time with her.

great find on the sweats!

Lisa said...

Man, two hours with a grand daughter, who wouldn't treasure that time? Good for you all. And I too hope that Gail will be doing good and you get to visit with her for just a bit.