Monday, November 24, 2008


Are you cooking for Thanksgiving? If you are, what are you making? I went to the grocery stores today to pick up the last of the things I'll need. I am making a turkey, dressing, gravy, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, pecan pie, lefsa.......and daughter and three daughters in law are furnishing the veggies, salads, pies, and dinner rolls. Think we'll have enough?

I was looking in the newspaper today for sales on the things I needed. Well, the sales were on: pretzels, crackers, and tortilla chips. None of those on my dinner table for Thanksgiving! There were also sales on stove top stuffing and I make my own so don't need that. There was also a sale on ground coffee, but I grind my own beans so don't need that. And a big sale on various kinds of pop. The grandkids would probably like that, but I didn't buy any. So, I didn't get anything I bought today on sale. In fact, I seldom find the things I buy on sale, or find a coupon for it. If you don't buy boxed mixes, instant whatever, highly processed foods, you don't find much on sale or with a coupon.

Oh, the meal I'm cooking is the second Thanksgiving meal of the day. Grand daughter Katie is having her first holiday meal of her married life! So we'll be there at noon. Guess we'd best just sample at both places, though. The newspaper this morning said it was not unusual for someone to consume over 2000 calories at one sitting on Thanksgiving. 2000 calories is what a grown man needs for a whole day! And I'm guessing no one eats just that one meal that day!


Lena . . . said...

Oh my, roll me over and poke me with a fork! 2000 calories in one day? Uffda. I've made this "grand plan" to take it easy on the consumption that day, and usually it works out for me. By the time I'm done working with all that food I really don't have an appetite by the time I sit down. There will be lefse on my table also, and of course rosettes.

Linda B. said...

Hearing your menu makes me miss Thanksgiving with my family. My mom cooked just like this for the holidays and not from a box--yummy!! Double yum for lefsa! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Lisa said...

I made my list, (using coupons at that!) and went off to the store. TWO hours later, and 200. dollars later, I have most the fixin's! We will have some pretty darn good eatting going on here! We are actually having dinner at my parents, with my aunt bringing the turkey. But I picked up a smoked turkey and a ham, sweet potatos, green bean cassarole, dinner roles, 2 pecan pies and 2 pumpkin pies. Oh and sugar cookies for the kids to decorate and eat. That should be fun! I actually saved 11 almost 12 dollars with my coupons. I did buy some things I did not need right away, but had a good coupon and didn't want it to expire so I picked it up. We had vegetable on sale 10 cans for 5.00 so I stocked up on a few for myself and my daughter. She will be coming home for Thanksgiving and bringing a friend. So I need to get up from this computer and get busy! Got to clean house, and start cooking!