Friday, November 07, 2008


We woke up this morning to big fluffy snow flakes drifting down in the almost wind free day. What a beautiful sight! I made a trip into town and stopped at daughter Kari's home for a few minutes as the kids had the day off from school. I saw this cold looking gerbera daisy in her flower box, still brightly colored.
These two birds live up my street, and seemed to be saying "hey, what happened?"
The house across the street from us has this wonderful orange berried tree. Oh, it was beautiful with the white snow decorating it's branches.

Just a few hours later, this tree in town boasted that it was snow free.
Aren't these three trees beautiful? The house in the background is for sale, and I've always wanted to go through it because of the rounded tower like rooms on the right side. Maybe this is my chance!
The beautiful flowers below are a peace offering.......Kari's husband, Mike, is off with Kari's brother, our son Kevin, for the opening of deer hunting. Mike kindly gave her flowers to make up for leaving her with the three kids for the weekend! They sure are pretty, aren't they?


Tonjia said...

beautiful pics!!! I love snow.

Lisa J said...

They are indeed great pictures and I can see this camera has brought out a new side of you and I like it!!!!

Just Joni said...

Snow?! I remember as a little girl how exciting the first snow of the season was. It was always so soft looking....your pictures are wonderful and I agree, it would be so much fun to explore that house. I think you and I are wired the same, especially when I look at your list of 'Favorite Things'.

Enjoy the day ~