Thursday, November 06, 2008


It is a very gray day, the sky filled with clouds, and sun was taking a rest But I could wait no longer to test out my new camera. I only used two different settings, iA for intelligent auto where all the choices were made for me, and the macro setting for a couple of flowers or weeds. I also used the zoom under the iA setting. Remember it is gray out!
I love the zoom!
Again, love the zoom.

Nobody is home in the bluebird house. I guess they went south.

The park had taken down a few cedar trees, resulting in a flower shaped stump!
See the deer trail through the grasses?

I told you it was gray!


Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Hello! Just flipping through a few blogs and noticed you've landed in Minnesota! Welcome home!
Loved the photos!

Sage said...

Hi Tracy, Thanks for visiting my blog. I was just posting the first pictures from my new camera, and it's been a dark gray day, so nothing is too bright and cheerful. I checked out your blog too. Congratulations on the art show! I will check back to see more of your art. Oh, love the book cover. Everything just flows.....

Lisa J said...

Man that was one grey day! I love that last picture, and yes I saw the deer trail. I really have enjoyed these!!! Man, now you are going to make me look bad and I have had all these classes, I just needed the right camera!