Sunday, November 30, 2008


Friday was a beautiful sunny day, so I took a little hike with my camera. I grabbed my water bottle, my phone, and my camera and headed down the road to connect up with the bike trail that is about 3 miles from here. I didn't go all the way to the actual bike trail, just our connecting spur, because I had a camera full of photos just in the first couple of miles. And I am going to share.......probably a couple of posts worth!
As we say up North, "it's making ice," although not very quickly. The small ponds like this one are frozen over, but anything any larger still has only an inch or two of ice, and many open water spots. This is the time of year that the ice fishermen get anxious, head out on the ice too soon, and fall through, too often to their death. It needs to be much thicker to support a person, even more for a snowmobile, and a lot more for a vehicle.

See, this is a very small pond, and the ice is looking good. Especially when decorated with some
left over fall leaves. And there, on the bank, I spied an eager spring flower! Go back to sleep, dandelion, you need to sleep about 6 more months!


Lisa said...

A dandelion in the middle of winter, weird huh? But it did add some very nice pretty yellow color!
We are cold and cloudy here, but nothing like what you all have there. I did have my first fire of the year and it was so fun. I love my fireplace and snuggle up in front of the tv, and opps, I feel asleep right there.

Marge said...

We had a little snow on Saturday night/Sunday morning, but no more than aninch or so. There are spots around here that had a lot more though. I actually love snow, and will be going for a walk out in it. Probably in my sandals!