Thursday, November 06, 2008


Remember, it's a gray day.............
The bike trail
The macro setting works
Everything is pretty gray
Heading back to my truck
Out at the state park
Sumac.......macro setting works!
Just a tree with berries on it against the gray sky.
I can't wait to try pictures with sunshine! But I think I like the camera a lot after taking pictures on a cold, rainy, gray day.


Gumbo Lily said...

I love, love those pics! I'm a nature lover so these photos are my kinda "thing."


Sage said...

Thanks Jody!

I take most of my photos while hiking or traveling, with a grandkid thrown in here and there! We're traveling hopefuly in January, to Florida for a couple of months. Then to Alaska next summer, and there is where I can take beautiful nature photos! Hope you come again!


Digital Camera said...

Nice Pictures. How much mega pixels digital camera you used to capture these picture.

Lisa J said...

Oh they turned out GREAT. Aren't you so glad you got the new camera and didn't wait any longer???

Memaw's memories said...

I am just toooooo jealous of your new camera.

Great pictures.

linda said...

marge, I love your photos! they're gorgeous and well composed.....btw, blogger is/was having several issues and I am not sure if they are all fixed far, I have not noticed nor heard of anymore complaints about comments, etc.

glad to see your daughter is off to a treatment center....hoping all goes well as you are right, 90 days is not a very long time to get well...

Sage said...

Lisa: Yes, I'm glad I broke down and got the new camera now so I have a chance to get used to it before the beautiful scenery of Florida!

Memaw: Thanks! I think I really like it. Just hope I don't bore you all with too many photos!

Linda: Thank you for the compliment. Coming from you, an honest to goodness artist, makes it an awesome thing for you to say. Thanks.

I hope there are no more problems. It was funny because not everybody had problems. Glad it seems to be working now.