Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Before I tell you about my weekend, I should tell you that I went to WalMart and bought a cheap keyboard with a USB connection and compatible with Vista. It works! Yay! I was getting so tired of typing each word and going back and inserting the missing letters. I will eventually need a new laptop, but for now I have an external keyboard connected and it works. Good enough for now. Now I have no excuse for not writing. I am missing my thumb pad right below my keys, however, and it seems awkward to reach up to the laptop for that, but again, it's good enough for now.

I had such a good weekend! We went to Wisconsin, about three hours from here. Hubby and three of his six brothers went grouse hunting. So us four women had a chick weekend! We got there about noon on Friday, and the guys loaded up and went to the cabin for their weekend of hunting. Us gals had coffee and a glass of wine and chatted away the afternoon. We went to a neat Italian restaurant for supper, and it was very good. Then we stopped to visit my niece, the daughter of our weekend hosts. She had moved to a new home that none of us had seen, so we had a tour of that and coffee and dessert. Thanks Rhonda! When we got home we all got into our jammies and watched Pride and Prejudice and got to bed after midnight. Late for us old people!

Saturday morning one of my sisters-in-law and I went to the funeral of a high school and college friend's wife. So sad. She was 62 and died of hernia surgery.......except that they nicked the bowel during the surgery and things went bad from there on. In the afternoon we again chatted, drank coffee and had a glass of wine. Dotty fixed a lovely dinner of chicken, rice and broccoli, and then we went to the Saturday night services at her church. We again got into jammies and had a movie night; this time we watched Under the Tuscan Sun, another good chick movie. And another late bedtime!

Sunday morning we had a leisurely breakfast and then put in the third movie, Kate and Leopold. The guys returned shortly after noon, with no grouse, but with tales of having fun trying! Then it was time to pack up and head for home.

It was so much fun for me to spend this weekend with these special gals. One of them, Joann, I have known since childhood. In fact, her brother and I decided when we were about 6 years old that we would get married when we grew up! Then another, Karen, I have known since before hubby and I married........44 years ago! And our hostess, Dotty, and I ran around together in high school! So these gals are all so dear to me. (My other three sisters-in-law are also special, but they weren't there. Just don't think I don't love you all!) It's such fun to act like silly giggly teenagers for awhile, let down all your guards, hang out in jammies, drink coffee, and just bask in the special kind of love that sisters by marriage, and in the faith, have for each other.

Thank you so much Dotty! Love you dearly! I hope we can do something like this again soon. Anyone busy next weekend? Start thinking of more movies to rent.....Mama Mia is on the top of the list!

Guess what. The keyboard is doing almost exactly what the laptop keys do. I don't think that sounds healthy.........it's probably a bigger problem than I thought it was. Keep your fingers crossed that I can hold out for awhile because I cannot afford a new laptop right now!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Sounds like a nice weekend, but very sad about the lady who died of hernia surgery. And I'm sorry about your computer, maybe it will act right soon.
And btw, go check out my blog, I have news for you.
Love you bunches my friend!

Lisa said...

Oh I am getting so jealous of all your girls that get to have these weekend getaways. It sounds like so much fun. I don't have anyone around that can get away like that with me!!! Darn it! I love hearing about it and hope to see some pictures next time.

Maybe Santa will bring you a new laptop!

Just Joni said...

This sounds like my kind of weekend...jammies and movies with your favorite people...oh, and coffee! Doesn't get any better than that unless you had chocolate of course!