Friday, January 13, 2012


My daughter Kari took her blog private last year, so I am not able to link over to it.  However, I think I am allowed to tell you the contents of this morning's post.  An ultrasound picture.  Of her grandbaby!  My daughter is going to be a grandma so what does that make me?  Great!  It makes me great!  I am going to be a great grandma!

Kari and Mike's oldest daughter, almost 26,  surprised them yesterday afternoon with a DVD containing the ultrasound picture of her little tic-tac sized baby, a tiny little spot on a fuzzy photo that God willing will grow and flourish into a healthy little baby ready to face this world in late summer.  There are concerns.  My granddaughter is a diabetic.  She is checking blood sugars often, and told me she is eating healthier than she did before.  One thing we know for certain....this baby's brain will not be destroyed before birth by alcohol.  Thank God!

So I have been pondering this business of being great.  When I was born I had four great grandparents, as this baby will have.  I especially remember two of them.  They were old.  Oh my, were they old.  Gros Papa sat in a black leather rocking chair in the living room of my grandparents home, and smoked stinky cigars.  He spoke German.  I was scared of him.  And he was really old.  Grandma Martha lived in a tiny house next to a hill.  She served us rice and milk with sugar and cinnamon, or canned goods from her cellar under the kitchen, reached by a trap door with a metal ring for a handle to lift it up.  And she was really old.

I don't think I'm old.  Oh, I have aches and pains some days, but I am not old.  I can't imagine my great grandparents hiking on the state trail, or taking a bike ride, or driving to Alaska, or going fishing, or walking the streets of Rome or Florence for many hours, or babysitting active grandkids!  I especially can't imagine that last thought..... they were old!  I am not old.

It is early yet.  She's only at two months.  And as I said before, there are concerns.  Granddaughter needs to take very good care of herself in order to keep herself and her baby healthy.  I'm sure this is now her top priority.  My top priority will be to pray.

And to begin plans for a great baby quilt!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What a blessing to be a GREAT. My niece is a bad diabetic, she gave me two GREAT nephews.
You are so lucky to have had great grandparents. iu didn't even have all of my Grandparents.
Now go sew those buttons on tighter on your shirt.

* said...

Congratulations Marge! You've been in the great category for a long time but now it can be official. Will keep K in my prayers.

Julie said...

None of my Greats were living when I was born. I thought my Grandparents were old...

[She served us rice and milk with sugar and cinnamon] Still one of my favorite treats!

Paxie said...

Congratulations NOT old woman!! This is wonderful news and I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers for a healthy pregnancy!

Lisa said...

Oh goodness....CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU. What a wonderful announcement. No you are not old, and you are even younger at heart. please keep me posted, I am just so happy for you. Little Jackson has been such a blessing to us and he is sure one loved little boy. AND HE KNOWS IT..... HUGS

Anonymous said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Rick and I married later in life, and when I finally got pregnant I was so concerned that I actually indeed was expecting. My doctor, Taylor, took me into another room where he did a quicky ultrasound, not the biggies at the LCM building then. I saw Michael, who was just a flicker at the time on the screen. He gave a good kick, and that will be my most treasured Valentine's Day ever!