Monday, January 30, 2012


On October 30, 2010, I posted this regarding my favorite pajamas.   I was planning to throw them in the rag bag.  But guess what I did?  I sewed them up, patched the rip on the leg, sewed a couple of new seams along the top so the drawstring would still stay in the casing, and I have been wearing them ever since.  Last week I needed to patch the leg again, and while doing so I put my finger through the was that thin.  And I still hated to give them up.  They have served me well for,,,,what,,,,12 years?  15 years?  In fact I wore them again last night.  And put my finger through the fabric on the other leg.  It's time folks.  It's time they get thrown in the rag bag..

I had to go into town today for a hair cut appointment, but before I left I found my pattern, I found some fabric I could spare out of my quilting stash, and I decided I would make a new pair of comfy cotton pajama bottoms when I returned from town.  After my haircut I decided to check out the sales at a nice department store at the mall.....way at the far end of the mall so I could just go into the door, check the sales, and go back out the door without having to walk the length of the mall.  I don't like malls.  I saw a huge sign, 70% off it claimed.  It was in the fancy pajama department, so I was curious to see what they had.  I found wonderful cotton pajama bottoms!  Original price was $40 and above.  Sale, plus 70% off sale price, was $8.00!  I went home with three pairs in a bag.  The fabric I had chosen to make my pajamas out of was about $14, so it was really a good deal.  Saved me my fabric and my time!

And I went home and found some T shirts that had seen better days but were too good to throw in the rag bag, and I matched them up with my new jammie bottoms, and I now have 3 new pairs of pajamas.  Yay me!

I am almost thinking I should have a special ceremony tonight as I throw the old jammies in the rag bag.  They have been my faithful friend for a long, long time.  We've slept together for many years!  But I am dumping them.  Yup.  Tonight. 


DynamicDuo said...

You actually match up your T-shirts to your bottoms!? I usually just grab the one on the top, if I went to bed matched up, Matt would wonder what I was up to! I still prefer my holey bottoms, thin and breaking apart, they are still too good to throw.. ;0)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What a bargain!! Hope it was at the store with the crazy yelling commercials! Because before long their good sales are ending I guess.

linda said...

heehee, dumping 'them' are ye? well it's high time you did!

you do sound like me, not with the sewing part, but with the pj love part. and the older they are, the better they are! i adore flannel and soft cotton knits and i am having a harder time finding what i lucked out, you lucky duck.

marge, i sent you an invite to my blog i want to was hard for some to get on so wanted to say if you had issues, just click the usual link you would to get over to my blog, like my name on this comment and it 'should' take you there where you should be able to comment without a problem. there shouldn't be any issues but please let me know if you have one. what a hassle it's been...i hope i am successful. xxx