Friday, January 06, 2012


After wandering around in over a half a dozen stores, I have decided that I should have just ordered online like we've been doing more and more recently.  It would have saved my finding a parking place; it would have saved my sanity as I searched the store for the item, and then for a clerk to ask if they carried the item.  And it would have saved my growing anger as each place said "no, we don't have them, but so and so does."   Guess what?  I checked all the so and so places, and no one has them.  Not in our town of over 40,000, anyhow.

What on earth is this elusive object that my town doesn't carry?  Bed risers.  Plastic or wooden, I don't care, just want bed risers.  And not for our bed.  That is already so high that we need to take a flying leap to get into bed at night.  I want them for a table in my sewing room to raise it up to use for a fabric cutting table.  And I have looked.  I looked at Maynard's, Home Fix It place, Lowley's, a furniture store, a bed/mattress store, Cheapko, and finally I got brave and went to the Wall of Marts, and came up empty each and every time.  I do have to say, however, that I did have three people willingly and cheerfully helping me at Lowley's, which was a great improvement over the other six stores. 

A quick search online shows exactly what I want, so I think I'll just order them.  Should have done that in the first place.  I have learned my lesson.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Maybe if you take off your platform shoes the table would be the right height?!?!LOL
I love shopping on line.

Marge said...

Funny! Actually at over 5'8", I don't wear my platform shoes too often!