Tuesday, January 03, 2012


I haven't bought any new Christmas decorations for quite a few years, so I thought I'd check the clearance sales now that Christmas is over, and I headed out to a few stores today.  What?  There is nothing left?  It's only 9 days after Christmas.  Either they didn't carry many decorations this year (and I wouldn't know because I didn't go into the stores or the mall during the Christmas shopping season) or they are all gone.  Already.

However, you are able to purchase your Valentine, St. Patrick's Day and Easter decorations.  Get serious!  I guess I should have looked for clearance sales a month before Christmas.  I don't understand.

And on another matter.  Our daughter is in the hospital with pancreatic pain, again.  Please keep her in your prayers.


Paxie said...

They do all the holidays too early to suit me.

Of course, will keep your daughter in my prayers...for a speedy recovery!

Denise said...

A friend of mine was having extended Christmas celebrations with family, and she ran out the day after Christmas for some things, and said that every single Christmas item was gone!

Praying for your daughter...