Thursday, January 19, 2012


We have been so spoiled this winter.  We have had no snow and we've had no cold.   I remember one little snow fall of maybe three inches that melted the next day in the 40 degree temperatures.  It's been weird, to say the least.  In fact I wondered if we should even waste the money to go to Florida for a week or two because it hasn't been real winter here.  Nothing to get away from. 


This morning we are being treated to half winter.  It's cold.  Still no snow though.

Even in the cold, we are blessed with beautiful sunrises.  I love the bright orange ball that rises behind the trees every morning.  It almost feels warmer when you see the ball of fire in the sky.  Almost.


Lisa said...

You are so good to post and to put up pictures...why can't I??? hmmmm

linda said...

marge, congrats on your future little great grand daughter or well, i think it's a girl obviously since i just wrote that. anyway, congrats either way for a healthy wonderful exciting to be a ggm!!

your photos are spectacular really... the sunrises especially and i cannot figure out why we have nothing of the sort..we have the sunset thing down but the sunrise? nothing like it....maybe it's the cold or lack thereof? anyway...take care that cat doesn't get the idea there's birds about those feeders...put a bell around his neck! yikes!