Friday, January 27, 2012

547 b

I don't like red lipstick.  I don't like pink lipstick.  I don't like orange lipstick.  I like 547b and it's getting hard to find.  Now granted, this isn't an earth shattering problem; having some 547b won't save the world or even make your life easier.  But, when you don't like red, pink, or orange, it is a big deal to me.

547b is a light, almost lip glossy chapsticky kind of lipstick.  The color is a little brownish pinkish clearish.  It's all I wear.  And I was out.  I had to go to three stores before I found some, and then they only had two tubes, so I bought them both.  And if I see it again, I'll buy whatever they have on hand, if I can afford it that day.  After all, it is 99 cents a tube.  I know.  I'm an extravagant girl, but it's nothing but the best for me.  547b or nothing!


Paxie said...

The only time I've ever worn it, was a little touch when I got married.

We get used to something and don't like change and I get it!!!!!

linda said...

i know what you is a good source.

i have taken my little blog private and would love for you to join me. my email is vulturepeakmuse[at]gmail[dot]com. i need yours to invite you via blogger's system. please come-it would be lovely to have you.

Nicole said...

Who makes it? I know what you mean, when you find something you love, and they stop making it, it is so frustrating. Whenever I find the perfect bra and go back to buy another one, I get "Oh sorry, they don't do that style any more".

Jeanne said...

I'm the same way. I have a couple of favorites and stick with them!