Thursday, January 12, 2012


It looks like my table has boots on, doesn't it.  But the fact is, I found the bed risers I was looking for to raise up the table I use for cutting fabric in my sewing/guest/computer room.  I should have known.  Tarjay had them.  I hadn't thought to go there because I avoid the mall at all not like all the people or all the stuff.  But I got brave and went in the door.....and found a totally different floor plan than the last time I was in there.  Ummm, maybe 4 months ago?  They are remodeling and rearranging, and no one knew where anything was.  Fortunately, I found a sweet young gal, probably a college student, who said she had no clue where anything was, but that we would search together to find the bed risers.  She said the last time she saw them they were by the hangers, but she had no clue where they moved the hangers to!  So we found another clerk and asked her, and she pointed us in the right direction.  And there they were!  Right by the hangers!  So the search is ended, and I am happy.  I am cutting out another table topper now, and the table is the proper height for my 5'8" frame.  Thank you young Tarjay clerk.  You were most helpful.

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Denise said...

I'm so glad you found them! I used to have some but no longer use them, and I was trying to remember where I put them so that I could send them to you!