Monday, September 20, 2010


Monday morning arrived with the sun shining and we made the decision to drive up the Sawbill Trail instead of "letting" Ernie go fishing!  Poor guy!  With me and my sister both with camera in hand, he didn't have much of a choice!  So off we went into the woods.
The sun then decided to play games and it disappeared every once in awhile, so some of the colors aren't as bright as they should be.  But you get the idea!
I love the contrast of the while bark and the orange leaves.
This trail is thirty some miles long, dirt, hilly, winding, and beautiful!
As I said, some colors are dull....
but some are vivid.  I love this red tree!
What do you people do that have green year around?  I need my seasons!
When we got to the end of the trail at Sawbill Lake, we saw two groups of guys packing their canoes and getting ready to take off.  For ten days in the Boundary Waters!  Note the guitar!  I asked the guy in the blue how he got so lucky as to be able to do that and his reply was "Because I need to."  I told him I understood totally!
And they're off.  Ten days living on what they catch.  Good luck guys!
So we headed back so Ernie could go fishing before it rained.
What a beautiful drive we had.
And when we got back to camp we found wonderful crashing waves at the shore.  But that's another post.


Russell said...

Whoa! What a great area!!! Good for you to get away!

I have been away from the blogs for a few weeks -- been literally snowed under since mid to late August with school.

Wanted to take a few moments and see what's been going on at a few of my favorite blogs. I always enjoy seeing your photos and reading your narrative.

I would call that God's country. Very beautiful.

Take care.

Lisa said...

I just don't know how you come home after seeing the land scape up North. I think I would just pull the trailer into a spot and just plant roots right there!!!