Monday, September 20, 2010


I am in my element.  I love the north, the big lake, the trees, the cool weather........I'm sure my blood pressure dropped ten points as soon as we hit the highway along the shore.

Our first stop on the trip was at our son and DIL's place.  It is as beautiful as any park, and we get to park right in front of their home and plug the trailer in.  Can't beat that service!  And we had a wonderful dinner of lasagna.  And apple crisp.  With ice cream.  And caramel.  Ummmmm!
 Isn't their yard beautiful?  DIL Molly does it all by herself.  Unless it's something that needs a hole dug or a tree chopped down.  Then she calls Kevin!

The drive up yesterday was uneventful.  It could have been a catastrophe this morning without my needed caffeine because someone forgot to pack my French press.  However, an outlet mall along the way provided a kitchen shop with a supply of French presses, so we stopped and I picked one up.  Thus a bad scene was avoided this morning!
There was a lot of construction in Duluth, so I didn't get much of a shot as we topped the hill and started down to the lake.  What a mess it was!  But we found an exit that took us to Canal Park, and I took the obligatory photo of a ship outside of the harbor.
The flowers are always so beautiful along the Park.  I think the cool weather intensifies the colors.
And we had the customary lunch at Grandma's Grill.  Okay.  Now we were ready to head up the shore.
The sun was shining, the lake was sparkling, and the air was fresh.  The absolutely best time of year for me!  And the shore at our campground was beautiful, as always. 
If I can't be at the ocean I'll have to settle for Lake Superior.  And it's a good substitute!
We ended the first day on the Shore with a nice campfire.  Tomorrow the Sawbill Trail!

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Lisa said...

Even though I am reading these backwards by oder of date, I so I see your trip and can tell it was/is a wonderful event. Wish we were there with you.