Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday morning dawned bright and sunny once again, and the plan was to drive the sixty some miles up the Gunflint Trail.  This trail is paved the whole way, so the drive wasn't as long as the past couple of trails. 
This is Gunflint Lake, near the end of the trail.  Across the other side you see Canada.  These trails were used by the Voyageurs and Native peoples from the 1600's on. 
We always look for moose, and 99% of the time we are disappointed.  Not yesterday however!  A mama and her baby were on the right side of the road back in the woods.  Here is a shot of Mama with  Baby below her on the hillside.
We pulled off the trail at a spot where there were a couple of cabins.  Beautiful spot!
This bench is on the shore of the lake by a small museum, just opened this year, displaying the history of the Gunflint Trail.
And we arrived back at camp to enjoy a glass of wine on the shore while we watched the dark clouds roll in.

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Linda B said...

This is so cool Marge!