Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, I think I have everything lined up for our ten day trip.  It's actually harder to pack for ten days than for ten weeks.  You do laundry in ten weeks time, but obviously we'll not do laundry in the ten days, so it necessitates packing more clothes.  In ten weeks you go grocery shopping, but I will try not to shop in the ten days, unless we need milk for cereal or some bread for lunch sandwiches.

I am so looking forward to getting away on a little vacation.  We were gone most of the summer, but not really on vacation as we did have responsibilities at our park, so this is our vacation.  And we've dealt with a couple of family issues these past two weeks, and my stress level is above and beyond what is healthy!  I need the big lake and the woods desperately before I go crazy!

Let's hope the leaves are turning gold and red and orange, and that we'll have at least a couple of days of sunshine.  It's supposed to be in the 40's and 50's, which is fine, except if it's raining.  Then it's cool.  I'll post photos the first chance I get. 


Linda up north said...

Have a great vacation! The leaves are indeed turning up here and it should be a fairly nice week :)

Jeanne said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation with good weather and beautiful leaves. We just got back from a long trip and we saw lots of color in the leaves at higher elevations. I think we were pretty close to your sate when we turned just south of Seoux Falls, SD and headed to Lake Vermillion State Park for one night and then on to Custer State Park. Have Fun!